All disease begins in the gut


Good overall health often starts with establishing good gut health.

It would be impossible not to consider gut health in integrative medicine. The gastrointestinal microbiome is a complex ecosystem.

When the intestinal ecology is altered, it can affect our health. The microbes influence physiological function, local mucosal homeostasis, inflammation, and immunity. Supporting a healthy microbiome is an important cornerstone for immune health and response to infections, as well as overall resilience.

Throughout life, a range of healthy lifestyle factors, including a diversified diet, limited use of processed foods, avoidance of prolonged restricted diets, and consumption of adequate dietary fibre, all promote a healthy microbiome.

Importantly, the intestinal microbiome may be modified by long-term dietary interventions and supported by appropriate pre and probiotics. A healthy gut is a gut with a diverse microbiome plentiful in beneficial species. There are many functional gut conditions where integrative medicine can have a significant impact.