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L Pearce

Women’s health and hormone therapy is another area that can often be a challenge to navigate through.

There are many aspects of women’s health that are related to hormones and cycles. It always amazes me how powerful female hormones are and how they have the capacity to affect not only menstrual cycle but weight, mood and sleep as well. I have undertaken extensive training into reproductive health with certifications with Family Planning Victoria, ante-natal shared care accreditation and ongoing membership with the Australian Menopause Society.

I am comfortable prescribing HRT to women facing the symptoms of menopause. I am also happy to explore evidence based natural therapies for menopause treatment to provide safe and effective care. Over the past few years I have also had great success with clients using medicinal cannabis for endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain as well as premenstrual dysphoric disorder and would warmly welcome conversation to discuss these options further.