Managing excess weight is a complex medical condition.

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Weight loss can be a difficult health area.

It’s not hard to see why there are so many diets and exercise regimes for weight loss. This area in health is extraordinarily complex. Being over-weight is based on so many individual factors: family history, epigenetics, metabolism, hormones, sleep, and stress. The weight loss journey for many can be a winding road with both success and failures. I often see patients who make short term gains, however with time, weight seems to increase. For some patients, their body’s metabolism  changes and weight gradually creeps higher.

It is my aim to understand the background of your weight loss journey and determine the root cause as to why it has been an issue and what metabolic and physiological changes need to occur for you to take back control. Being an integrative GP, it is possible to look at hormonal health, mental health, gut health and determine a treatment that will be effective and sustainable.

Let’s address weight management from a medical and holistic perspective and work together to achieve your wellbeing goals.